Aerobic Exercise Benefits Memory In Persons With Ms

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NATO stages exercise as rearming Russia worries some allies

Despite the prevalence of this disabling symptom, there are no effective pharmacological or behavioral treatments. “Aerobic exercise may be the first effective treatment for MS patients with memory problems,” noted Dr. Leavitt, research scientist in Neuropsychology & Neuroscience Research at Kessler Foundation. “Moreover, aerobic exercise has the advantages of being readily available, low cost, self-administered, and lacking in side effects.” No beneficial effects were seen with non-aerobic exercise. Dr. Leavitt noted that the positive effects of aerobic exercise were specific to memory; other cognitive functions such as executive functioning and processing speed were unaffected.
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In operations reminiscent of the Cold War, Russian bombers now periodically approach NATO airspace. In response, British fighters scrambled 29 times in 2010-12 while non-NATO Japan and even neutral Sweden have been on the receiving end of such missions. Latvia says Russian military aircraft have come close to flying over its territory 37 times in 2013 alone, compared with perhaps once or twice a year five years ago. Naval activity has risen, including a task force sent to the Arctic in August. “We’ve seen an increase in the frequency of Russian military activities and the substantial modernization of their capability,” General Charles H Jacoby, commander of the U.S.
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Are exercise videos right for you?

For example, if you’ve been taking kickboxing classes for several years, and you know you are executing the moves properly (which also minimizes the risk of injury), taking on a kickboxing video is right up your alley. Remember, exercising in the privacy of your own home may be very appealing to you, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. There are no trainers or fitness instructors there to tell you if you are or aren’t doing something correctly. If you’re home alone, there won’t be anyone around to help you if you injure yourself.
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